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Through education and training on the nature of our consciousness we develop understanding and skills that that open the higher potential for human development. Here on the website you can find our contact information, class schedule, upcoming events calendar, enroll in our online training, learn about our school curriculum, find information regarding our VIP private retreats, and more. Mystic Yoga was founded on eight core disciplines that progressively develop each students self knowledge and skill. These internal skills help us to navigate life more gracefully and are the foundational education to developing higher intelligence, talents, health, and global harmony. All of the teachings are based on cross-cultural wisdom and first-hand experiences.

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The 8 Disciplines

Dao Yin Yoga

Dao Yin Yoga

A meditative style of yoga that focuses on unwinding the physical body and nervous system, breaking mental emotional patterns, deepening awareness, and inspiring insights, realizations, and epiphanies. All while replenishing your deep energy reservoirs.

Sacred Heart Breathing

Sacred Heart Breathing

Sacred Heart Breathing is a highly transformative process that helps clear old mental and emotional energies that have accumulated throughout our lives, and opens us to an experience of our higher consciousness.

Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

The practice consist of 5 elements: asana, vinyasa, bandhas, pranayama, and drushti that together create balance. Hatha means sun and moon or Yin and yang. The practice balances us on all levels. Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Shamanic Chi Kung

Shamanic Chi Kung

In this Warrior’s Practice we learn to cultivate, circulate, and activate our life energy or “Chi”. This involves ecstatic posturing, concentration, internal energy work, breathing techniques, gentle movements, and an understanding of the natural forces.

Chi Running

Chi Running

This practice is an extension of the Shamanic Chi Kung training. Here, we learn to walk or run with a fully expanded energy body using focused attention, breathing techniques, and proper body mechanics.

Conscious Strength Training

Conscious Strength Training

Learn to intelligently strengthen and sculpt your body with focus on balanced development and physical performance. Your body is healthiest when you challenge it!

Internal Arts Meditation

Internal Arts Meditation

Develop skills that enable you to move energy and tune your inner being in preparation for the deeper practice of true meditation and an inward turned gaze towards source.

Vedic Thai Massage

Vedic Thai Yoga Massage

A combination of yoga and massage done with a partner combining sacred intention with focus on releasing physical tension and mental-emotional stress.

Our Mission

At Mystic yoga we are dedicated to education and training with the intention of helping people gain skills and understanding that will enable them to live conscious happy healthy lives. The teachings are a re-working of cross cultural wisdom traditions and esoteric practices.

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Mystic Yoga Founder

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Kyoung Kang

director of Operations

Kyoung is a highly educated and trained health and wellness specialist. She is an intuitive empath with over 15 different licenses and certifications under her belt. Her yoga practice began as a young child and she has been a skilled teacher and business owner for many years. “K” has a passion for yoga teaching and uplifting people through education, training, and service.

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Traditional Hatha
Vinayasa Flow
Power Yoga
Dao Yin

Passive Assisted Yoga


Shamanic Chi Kung
Conscious Strength Training
Chi Running
Sacred Heart Breathing
Internal Arts-Meditation
Nutritional Coaching



Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork
Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage
Neuromuscular Therapy

Fun Affordable Mountain Yoga Retreat

Fun Yoga Adventure Retreat

Are you looking for an affordable fun getaway but not sure you can manage the cost or the time? With the Mystical Human Yoga School we offer flexible and affordable packages to fit any budget. Our summer mountain retreat combines a mountain vacation with yoga and excursions like hiking, mountain biking, waterfall swimming, kayaking, and more for a once in a lifetime yoga retreat adventure. Not only will you experience the zen atmosphere of a beautiful mountain location, but our retreat includes 3 home cooked whole-food based meals (vegetarian option), meditations, daily yoga classes, exciting nature excursions, and personal development workshops. Meet amazing people and enjoy everything the Mystical Human Mountain Yoga Retreat has to offer. The accommodations are "dorm-style" room sharing. We also offer tent camping on the property for a discounted rate. You can ask about group rates when signing up with family and friends. Mystical Human School offers an array of flexible pricing options, so contact us today to book your spot!

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  • Granite-City


We offer workshops pertaining to all of our 8 Disciplines in addition to events hosted by spiritual leaders of the conscious community. Check out the full list of our offerings.

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“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

- buddha

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